Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Vacation that Wasn't

I returned from my vacation a ten days ago. During my vacation my mother-in-law had gall bladder surgery, I visited my aunt in Mississippi, a conference I was planning to attend was canceled (and I'm now fighting with my credit card company to get the fees credited back. The conference center sent me a letter stating they wouldn't charge my card and they did - so now I have to fax that to the credit card company and wait for a credit) I think Dave Ramsey is right - Credit Cards are not our friend. To top off my vacation, I really messed up my right leg when I took a fall on campus while visiting the writing center to get some technical assistance on my thesis.

Needless to say, it is GOOD to be back in the rhythm of a weekly schedule and pastoring. Vacations don't agree with me. I didn't get nearly enough done during my time off from work and I find the rhythm of my weekly schedule more relaxing than the disruption of taking time away. Is this an addiction to work? I know my first entry in my blog is Confessions of a Workaholic. I'm just not will be something I will be pondering along with my tendency to be a klutz.