Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

I am really looking forward to 2011. 2009 and 2010 were tough years, and they gave me the opportunity to reflect and regroup and evaluate a lot of things in life. It is my intention to blog much more often in 2011. Still don't what I will be blogging about if it will be knitting, my baking and cooking, or my life and ministry. Maybe it will be all of the above. Regardless, I hope that whoever reads my blog, will be inspired and find something that they find meaningful in reading my posts.

Until next year....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clint, Virgil and George

When I read this morning that George Edwards died yesterday, I thought to myself about the old cliche that deaths comes in threes. In this case George was the third death of three retired New Testament professors at Louisville Seminary.

All three taught at Louisville Seminary at or near the time that I attended LPTS.
Clinton Morrison, Jr. who I took for my first Greek exegesis class from and later several semesters of elective Greek reading died in March. Clint was known for his sense of humor, his puns and love of language and was just a genuinely caring human being.

I recently read a short Presbyterian News article that Virgil Cruz died in May in the Netherlands after a stroke. Virgil was a well known evangelical in the church. I took New Testament and a couple of exegesis classes with Virgil. Virgil will most be remembered by me for leading a J-term trip to Puerto Rico where we spent a month at the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico in Hato Rey and studied Puerto Rican Protestantism. Virgil also introduced me to my husband Anthony when I first arrived on campus and was helpful in giving me advice on how to make my dream of attending seminary come true during a visit to campus during an exploratory weekend.

Today I learned that George Edwards died. George was one of the most outspoken advocates for justice in the church. His life and witness and advocacy for those experiencing any of the ‘isms’ was an inspiration to all. George came back to campus after his retirement to teach polity. Although I never had a class per-se with George, his presence in the Louisville community and on campus was an inspiration to me and the stories of others who encountered him in their lives .
Both George and Virgil were important in getting the Presbyterian Church (USA) offices to move to Louisville, KY.

The witnesses of Clint, Virgil and George’s lives continues on even though they have joined the great cloud of witnesses that surround us. Their lives and their ministry all point us to look to Christ in some way, to see a new aspect of the Gospel, be it through humor or caring, be it through exposing prejudices and talking through differing opinions, or be it through challenging us to be hands on advocates for those experiencing injustice and speaking out against injustice.

All three will be missed and I know my life is richer for having known all three of these New Testament professors.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Day in a New Pastorate

Today was the first day of my contract with the Belton Presbyterian Church as their half time Temporary Supply Pastor. I am looking forward to serving this congregation located at 122 Main Street in Belton, MO. The historic church building is beautiful and the congregation has been warm and welcoming. The first big gig with this church will be on Friday morning when the church host this month’s Chamber of Commerce First Friday Coffee. I’m baking some muffins for the event and one of the Elders on Session has taken the lead in lining up others to bring breakfast casseroles and scones and fruit for this networking event.

What I found so inspiring today was Bill Tammeus’ post on women in ministry. His post on his blog Bill’s FAITH MATTERS can be found here:

I just found it a nice and gentle affirmation of my own ministry as I began a new chapter in my ministry today.