Friday, October 31, 2008

It's A Bird, It's a Plane, no it's a Blimp

The Seventeenth of October was a lovely Friday. The leaves were in full color, the sun was shining and the air temperature was warm. I had spent several hours over at the church catching up on paper work. A group of men from the buildings and grounds committee were over at the church replacing broken floor tiles. One woman had decided to come with her husband had deep cleaned part of the church, cleaning the baseboards and mopping the floors.

As I was getting ready to leave I heard a quiet sound and looked up in the sky to see this blimp. I took several blimp pictures and only wish I had a more powerful telephoto lens.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Walking Stick – The Wonder of God’s Creation

It has been a mild autumn here in suburban Kansas City and it was wonderful sitting out on my front porch eating dinner tonight. It was nice to relax and get away from all the drama of the economy and election. As I was telling DH during our dinner conversation, I am finding that I am not as ‘worried’ about the economy or the election as a lot of people are. I realized that I don’t have a whole lot of control over the economy so why should I invest my energy in worrying about something I cannot control? In terms of the election, I can exercise my right as a citizen and vote and who I vote for is between me and my secret ballot. I can control my behavior and my reaction to the events of the day, but I don’t need to get caught up in other people’s drama.

So as I was reflecting with my DH about my insight into becoming less of a worry wort we were treated to a wonderful visitor to our relaxing family dinner on the porch. A walking stick.

I looked down to see what I thought was a twig and then it moved ever so slightly. The walking stick was so calming. We watched it walk across our porch and begin climbing the brick fa├žade on porch.

What was most amazing about this walking stick, was how stress reducing it was to watch this unique creature. It isn’t every day one sees a walking stick. In fact I think this is first walking stick I have seen in my life. I enjoyed this encounter with creation and enjoying that wonder – this creature go on its merry way without any worries – was refreshing after a week of drama in the media and the marketplace. Ah the wonders of creation. Now I have a greater understanding of why God rested and enjoyed creation on the 7th day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Speaking of Women's Health - Saying NO to more commitments

Today I spent my day off at Speaking of Women's Health. If you have never attended one of these events, do. They are a wonderful day of relaxation, pampering, and learning all rolled into one. Last year, I met a woman at my General Seating table who was a knitter and she invited me to join the knitting group that has become an important part of my Saturday routine. It is hard to believe that I have only been part of the Sip Stitch and Knit group for a year.

Well today during the morning key note speaker, my cell phone rang it was the nominating committee calling me back to see if I would serve on yet another Presbytery committee. They had called two or three weeks ago wanting me to serve. I told them I needed some time to think about it and this was the call back. I said NO. I then told them all the things I am doing for the Presbytery. I am doing a lot. A lot more than some of my other clergy colleagues. I then suggested strongly that tap into some of the other clergy who aren't serving on a committee. All active clergy in the Presbytery are required by the Book of Order to be 'active' in Presbytery. I think I'm doing the work of at least three people since I am on three committees. The big thing was that I said NO. I said NO and I don't feel guilty about it either.

What was nice is that my saying NO was reinforced in a positive way by the women in my knitting group and by our luncheon key note speaker, Allen Funts daughter, Juliet. She was so funny and had so many things to say to folks who like to be in control. It was a helpful talk for me to hear and it reinforced in a positive way my NO to more volunteer committee work.