Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Stuff I Do On the Internet

I do stuff on line that I find fun. I like to consider myself someone who is in the know. I like to try new products and I keep up with pop culture. Yes I'm an "old woman" I'm going to be 50 in January and I don't want to be like a little old lady. I want to continue to try new things and learn new things. So I have decided to re-energize this blog. I will be posting on here from time to time. Information about the stuff I do on line. Like get freebies, play games and try new products. Hey I just joined instagram today. And thanks to my friend Shelly just signed up for Influenster. I've been a Buzz Agent for a while but they are not sending me a lot of campaigns these days (my age demographic isn't exactly popular right now) and I like to try new stuff.