Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Cat Joins the Family

Our cat of 17 years died in December. We miss Mookie very much. Today we added a new cat to the family. He (Vlad) is certainly not a replacement for Mookie, as no cat can ever replace another. Vlad is a huge Tom Cat - a brown tabby - that we adopted from the Lee's Summit Animal Control Shelter. He's a loving cat. He is having a bad today, as we picked him up from the vet where he was 'fixed.' Never say fixed to a cat is the old joke.

Vlad is about 4 years old or so they think at the shelter. He is a big boy weighing at least 15 pounds (we haven't weighed him yet). He had been in the shelter since December 18th, about the same time Mookie went Heaviside(in the way of CATS).

Vlad and our little cat (age 9) Pooh are getting to know one another. I'll keep you all posted on how the sibling cats work out their relationship.

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